Friday, January 21, 2011

Bike Skulls

Today we feature a collection of skulls made with bikes.

First up is Don Martin from Olathe, KS who told us: “When I was in grade school is saw a picture of a bull skull made from a bicycle seat and handle bars by Pablo Picasso. It cracked me up and I never forgot it. I found an old stingray bike and made my skull. My wife hates it and makes me hang it in the garage unless it's Christmas and I add the red light as a nose.”

Next is Frank from Germany who showed off art he did for his bicycle.

And lastly, Rod Moran from Canada showed off the front art he did for his dirt-bike.

Dual C says:

No matter where you live in the world, it looks like skulls and bikes are natural friends. Thank you all for being loyal readers and for your submission.

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Spammed Ham said...

At first I thought the pink bike was a girl's bike, but the object by the seat tells me differently. :)