Monday, January 3, 2011

Mail Art 365 Skull

This was a post card sent to Noah's mom, Mim for the Mail Art 365 Project, by Camel O'Rama. They described it as, a "hand cut stencil attached to wallpaper - cut to 4x5" & sent in the mail".

The use of layers and texture helps define the skull works well with a mostly light colored palette. The use of negative space is delicate and creative in the depiction of a skull. Since the scale of this is so small, the time it took to cut the stencil must have been immense. Overall, it's a beautiful piece that would be a treat for anyone to receive in the mail.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I made it!!!!
Woo Hoo ...
Do I get a contributor card now????

& yes - it took a long time to cut the stencil...5 hours

Noah said...

Of course you get a card. It's DIY here: Of course if you want me to sign it you'll have to mail it to me!