Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.35

Today's skulls were found in the snow.

Kristin "Artzy Diva" from Millbury MA sent us this snowy skull. "My husband and son found this on our front walk when they went out this morning. I love it when Mother Nature leaves a skull gift!"

Mike Webber from London, Ontario, Canada sent us this snowy skull. " This is a photo of the hood of my car early on Monday, January 3rd. I found this skull on my car after a light dusting of snow. I'm not sure how the pattern occurred, but I thought it was pretty cool. Nothing bad happened during the day, so we can rule out the whole "evil omen" thing."

While I was outside taking photos for My Daily Nature Photos, I found this snow skull on a leaf of my Camellia bush. It's not from white snow, like the above two are. It's from the snow melting into an ice/snow mixture.

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