Monday, January 24, 2011

Buried Treasure Skull

T-Bone sent us this photo, "from the Big Island of Hawaii".

This looks like the skull and crossed bones are made of white lava rock, which is a nice contrast against the black lava rock. I think this could definitely be marking some great buried treasure...skull treasure perhaps? Though I don't recall any tales of pirates voyaging to Hawaii, I guess anything is possible. How would one dig through lava rock to find treasure? A jack hammer? I think the only treasure under here might be more lava...which I don't want to go hunting for, so perhaps this is a warning to not dig and to venture on to the beach.


kerosene said...

Love it!

Misha said...

I'm pretty sure that the treasure is Hawaii itself!

Carrie said...

All over on the Kailua coast you will see names and dates (among other things) spelled out in coral laid against the black lava landscape. It's all quite interesting.