Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.32

Today's skulls were found in nature.

My best friend, Kit McSmash, from Richmond, Va found this at the pet store she works at. I" took a quick phone pic of this ball python at work because it had a skull-like pattern on the scales. I wanted to take a better quality photo later, but the snake sold before I had a chance."

I'm not normally a fan of snakes, but Ball Pythons are one of the few I do like. I'm glad someone purchased this skull patterned snake.

J. Ellisun Elliott, Lawrenceburg, Indiana found this skull in the clouds "On the levee looking west towards the power plant".

I love the overall look of this photo too. A skull above a power plant, seems to be a bad omen, but we need some sort of power to survive now.

Our good friend Tom Adams almost stepped on this one.

I found one of these a few months back. Anyone know what type of tree produces this kind of leaf?


Unknown said...

FYI, it's a Norway Maple.

Tommy A said...

Thanks, I see your very good with leaf ID.

johnnynothumbzzz said...

Poor tree has a disease called "fire blight" that makes those black spots on the leaf.