Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Danger’s Skulls

Danger Amy sent us this note:“I've been enjoying your site for a few months now and look forward to it everyday. I started drawing skulls a few years ago and I hope you may include a couple on your site.”

Safety C says:

I am sorry we were unable to include more of your skull series here. I really enjoyed all of them. I liked the theme that you had started with them, and the numbering makes me think they are park of a larger series... perhaps a 365 project? Even if you are on a hiatus from it, who says 365 needs to be in a row? Thank you for sharing your work with us and being a loyal reader.

If you would like to see more of Danger Amy’s series follow the link at the top.


Tatman said...

Necrarachnaphobia is hilarious! Good work, Danger Amy.

Abby Davis said...

I love them both. The spider is funny. I like this medical one she did too.

DangerAmy said...

Thank you so for posting my skulls! I'm glad you all got a smile from them.
The numbered ones are a set of 20 made as artist trading cards. Nacrarachnophobia was the first to go :)