Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smoked Skull

If I have my facts straight then Greg Lipton is the Cayman Islands only Skull-A-Day contributor thus far. That's okay cuz he's making the Islands presence known once again with his "Smoked" skull. Greg writes, "Thank you so much for posting my skull painting. I have recently just had my first solo gallery show and have made a skull sculpture named "smoked" it's about my chain-smoking friend who died of lung cancer".

As with most skulls, the powerful message of life's brevity is thrust forth with your sculpture, Greg. The charred remains are surely a similair match for the lungs of a life long smoker. It's a sad story of losing your friend, but even if one person decides to quit smoking and improve their general health then your work is worth all the effort. Let's hope the message isn't lost on more friends out there. Thanks, Greg.