Friday, January 14, 2011

Geode Skull (Imagined)

Musician Christopher Jion created this skull for the cover of one of his albums. He told us: “ It is a digital composite of 2 photos I took. I had been in the market to buy a skull and I took a photo of one I had been wanting. Then took a photo of some geodes (which are equally interesting to me) and altered them both to splice them together.”

Geologist C says:

The concept for this work is brilliant. I enjoyed seeing the results of your imagination. One of the interesting things to note here is that rocks are one of the top items in which many of our Sunday Simulacra are found so it is entirely possible that someday you may just find an odd geode that has a simple skull form to it. Thank you for sharing your work with us, and much success with your music career.

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DangerAmy said...

How pretty. I really like the idea of this.