Wednesday, May 14, 2008

346. Bokeh Skull

Bokeh Photography. Thanks to Renata for suggesting this technique, which I hadn't heard about before. Basically I cut a tiny stencil in a paper mask that goes over the lens which alters the light coming into the camera, thus creating a shape out of the circles of light normally formed when images are very blurry. There's a more detailed explanation, simple how-to guide with additional examples HERE. I didn't have quite the right lens for this, so the image I cut out was cropped by the actual aperture, but different parts of it were revealed at different locations in the frame. I took these images from a hill overlooking downtown Richmond, VA.


Erin said...

That's so cool.

Nikoli said...

A bunch of souls plodding along...

Most excellent.

WB said...

they look great
and I admit that the Sun explenation thing, it still blows my mind. And the weird thing is that a flashback came back to me of hearing it when I was a kid. About cutting a circle in a cardboad and looking at the floor.

Oh and D and C say hello!
"who the f%$@% was that?"

silvergirl said...

these are so moody and beautiful.
although you may have created a monster!
::eyes camera with wicked glee::

kellybelly said...

How weird! I was JUST experimenting with a "bokeh skull" this past weekend.

I have a star shape glued on my lens 24/7, but was trying out some new shapes.

Android WK said...

I remember having a Christmas glasses with that effect on them, they said something about looking at the christmas tree with them would show you "a magical Christmas message" (being a snowflake or merry christmas).

Yours is way more badass though!

Sarah J said...

that's amazing.