Sunday, May 11, 2008

Braincase XXXVIII

Plenty more submissions from parts near and far! (received 3/25 - 4/5)

Remember that the submissions policy has recently changed in anticipation of Skull-A-Day 2.o, be sure to visit there before sending anything in!

Ona spotted this lovely graffiti as well these two fantastic simulacra!

Kelly pointed out these wicked cool limited edition Converse from Dr. Romanelli!

.ci. from Italy showed off their neat backpack!

Patrick Reynolds made this excellent "skull-o-lantern" a few years ago!

Oliver discovered this fun kitchen set!

Chenry pointed out cool painting by Coop via Boing Boing...

He also pointed out his awesome Too Much Coffee Man T-shirt!

L. Bo Marie shared this nifty wooden button found in a yarn shop!

Dana was the first to point out this awesome computer recycling sculpture from the Alameda County Computer Resource Center via Boing Boing! (Thanks for Shawn at Make/Craft letting me know about it as well).

Ken Feese spotted a creepy skull [on the passenger side] in this car fire near his house (hopefully no one was injured!).

Lazarus let me know about the lovely work of Randy Wray!

Dallas showed off his awesome new ring!

Bri got this wicked tattoo based on a Christopher Conte sculpture by Ross at Imperial Tattoo in Portland, OR.

Jez shared this spiffy jacket lining from River Island in the UK.

Brian Roach showed off the keen logo he designed for his wife Bettie Shocker, a member of the roller derby team The Rolling Pin-Ups, which is a part of the Burning River Roller Girls League in Cleveland Ohio!

Kenneth W. Courtney of Ju$t Another Rich Kid shared this nice bit of bling!

Ruth in Washington spotted this beautiful cut paper piece on BibliOdyssey!

Dan Springer made this awesome desktop pattern! (be sure to click the image to get the full size version!)

Moose found this great collection of skull mug images!

Tim in Bristol, UK made this superb sculpture "Silver Lade" from birch bark!

Peter Vargas in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates spotted this skull-y underpass while walking home late one night!

Kellae and Ron Hein pointed out this cute fellow that was hiding on Ron's camo jacket!

Rebecca pointed out this fantastic painting by HyungKoo Lee (who also made the amazing cartoon skeletons that have been posted previously) that was on display at Arario Gallery New York!

Citizen Agent is getting possibly the coolest credit card ever!

Mark Conahan has this fantastic Monkey Zombie mug from Munktiki next to his computer!

A bunch more great skulls found around Istanbul by my friend Julien!

Rudolf from Holland made this amazing piece in Delft, The Netherlands!

Jeff says, "My wife let my kid pick his own clothes and then came and made a surprise visit at my work. This is the shirt he chose!"

Candy Rudolf spotted this cute little skull & crossbones simulacra window latch at her university!

Carl shared this skull from his dad's awesome collection!

Joe/b13 pointed out this spooky image by Scott Crane on The Oswegan!

Nico made this lovely painting!

Justin A.K.A. Tatman showed off his fantastic skull collection! He says:
I am lucky enough to have a great wife who lets me keep these on my bedroom dresser. Here's a breakdown of the individual pieces by number.
1 is a skull snow globe(with black snow) bought at Lake Garda in Italy
2 is a volcanic rock skull made with rock from Mount Vesuvius in Italy
3 is some kind of rodent skull I found in the woods at my father in law's house
4-9 were all purchased at various tattoo shows. 5, 6, 7, & 9 are actually ashtrays
10 is a dragon skull ashtray that my good friend Wayne Mosher hand made for me. When you put your, butt on it's toungue the smoke travels up through the nostril holes. Wayne is a great tattoo artist at Smokin' Guns Tattoo in Fayetteville, NC.
11 is a hand made skull that I bought on Paradise Island in the Bahamas


Christopher Locke mailed me this wonderful concrete skull knob shifter he made! He says, "If anyone you know wants one, I sell them cheap." Check out his other work and get in touch HERE.

Thanks again everyone!


Don't forget to check out our submissions policy before sending anything in!


Nikoli said...

Check out the grill on the burning car! Creepy! Great submissions everyone!

Anonymous said...

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L.Bo Marie said...

thanks for letting us participate!