Sunday, May 18, 2008

Braincase XXXIX

A bonanza of submissions from hither and yon! (received 4/6 - 4/9)

Remember that the submissions policy has recently changed in anticipation of Skull-A-Day 2.0, be sure to visit there before sending anything in!

Hiero shared this lovely "Garden Skull"!

satanoid A.K.A. Nick Mollberg discovered this amazing simulacra on a beach in Irvine, California!

My friend Michael pointed out the classic anamorphic skull painting by Hans Holbein called "The Ambassadors" (if you're not familiar, the skull is in the center of the bottom and can be seen best when looked at from an angle).

...and this fantastic map by Ambrosius Holbein from the third edition of Sir Thomas More's book Utopia via Nature.

Gordon Robb from Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland shared this cool die! He says, "I dropped the dice by mistake and one of the corner's chipped off and it looked a bit like a skull, so i carved the rest out with a stanley knife and now it looks alot like a skull. I take it everywhere as a lucky charm."

Lex10 pointed out this fun mini animated story (click link to watch) of Ried Fleming, The World's Toughest Milkman, by David Boswell!

Shawn let me know about this awesome crayon piece by Ryan Peter Miller on Craft! Why didn't I think of doing that?!? (Thanks to Adrienne for pointing it out as well!)

Robyn says, "I was at the ginger man in rice villiage and saw this staring back at me from my new castle!"

Ken showed off these nifty skull doodles he created!

Nate Higley shared his terrific artwork, including his comic book character "The Stenciler" and an image his band Bantha Fodder!

My friend Julien pointed out this cool Young Turks update by katemoross on Flickr...

this awesome business card by Mike Krol...

this terrific piece by Mark Bryan...

...and these two fantastic pieces from the Graphis Annual 71/72 via the Nonist! Poster by Giancarlo Iliprandi and album cover by Ron Hughes.

Jack Hankins, a British artist in Japan, showed off the awesome artwork he makes under the name Horrorwood!

My friend Christine pointed out this absolutely amazing functional camera(!) by Wayne Martin Belger! (Thanks to Moose for letting me know about this as well!)

Geoffrey, a 17 year old artist in France, shared his lovely art and an image of himself in appropriate makeup at a party!

Karine from Bodie and Fou pointed out this nifty door mat on her other site Where Did You Buy That!


Thanks to my friends Sherry and John for surprising me with this cupcake for my Webby win!

Thanks again everyone!


Don't forget to check out our submissions policy before sending anything in!

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