Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Skull-A-Day Moleskine!

I'm very excited to announce that the cool folks at Modofly have just launched a brand new site filled with an assortment of amazing etched Moleskine notebooks for sale, including one featuring my very own Ornament(al) Skull pattern! There are also 60+ other designs from wide range of incredible artists that they've collaborated with, so there definitely something for every interest! Please check it out and support these guys, they've worked really hard to make an amazing product.

Also you can find out more about the project in this interview (from a fellow artist) HERE.

[UPDATE 4/09 This notebook is no longer being made, but Modofly has several new Skull-A-Day designs made with their updated fabric printing process]


Depi said...

Great blog ideia!

Se my blog logo, and merchandising posting for your blog :)


Depiné, from Brasil.

WB said...

hellz yeah!
Jonah is going to have a very cool first school day!!