Sunday, May 4, 2008

Braincase XXXVII

Still sorting through the heaps of submissions from worldwide skull-fanatics! (received 3/12 - 3/24)

Remember that the submissions policy has recently changed in anticipation of Skull-A-Day 2.o, be sure to visit there before sending anything in!

Aaron pointed out the fantastic work of Ricky Swallow! (Thanks to Mel who let me know about it as well.)

Claire was a fan of this fun show when she was a kid in the UK...

David pointed out this excellent sculpture by Peter Harper!

Moose found this wonderful vintage(?) photo on Pixdaus. Anyone know the source?

Binky made this sweet image and also pointed out a fun collection of grim reaper illustrations over at DrawerGeeks!

1 year closerJames set up this neat Skull Bomb for use on Myspace Pages!

Danyelle Ortega-Roberts in San Jose, CA made these terrific works out of Sculpey, entitled What To Say!

Mim spotted these adorable baby booties on lowleepop's Etsy shop!

Lex10 found these awesome folding glow in the dark sunglasses from Yankee Trader in Ohio! Here's what they look like unfolded on models Lana and Molly (who are also eating Japanese whistle candy)...

Daniel made this beautiful stained glass piece for his boyfriend for Christmas! Here are the step by step directions!

Ruth in Washington found these spiffy images in the book Pirate Skulls and Crossbones Tattoos from Dover Books!

Nayiri saw this keen graffiti in Cambridge, MA on the way to the dentist!

Tyrone spotted this skully fellow hiding on the floor of a hardware store!

Carl was inspired by my Circus Skull to make this excellent 9mm skull, which took nearly 300 rounds to complete!

Starbeuck made this lovely papier-mâché piece! More images can be found here.

Julien found this cool clip Zeek Life Animation on Daily Motion!

Suzie philippot shared this nice image of Mr. Bones III, who is a permanent fixture on her door! She says, "Ever since my first blow-up, life size Halloween skeleton that my family had since I can remember (his name was Mr. Bones and for quite a while, he was more than twice my size... but that didn't stop me from dancing with him every year!) I've had a great fixation for skulls, even if I told people when I was five I was "allergic t them" (along with dinosaurs)."

Rebecca pointed out some of the wonderful art featured in the "Everything But The Kitchen Synch" show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles! The first is Lilly by Julian Callos and the second is Skull Face, by Mary Fleener!

Alex from Argentina suggested I make skulls from Mate, Bolas, Asado, and Tango!

Carolyn Jolly spotted the Crimson Ghost while driving around recently!

My friend Julien found this beautiful ad for NOVA French Radio FM!

Ian showed off his spiffy piece "Resistance is Futile"!

Chuck pointed out this great piece "Revolutionary Mao" by Sheng Qi over at 798 Avant Gallery!

Chris and his girlfriend Elayne got this nice white chocolate skull at a wedding they attended recently!

Steve pointed out this great belt buckle from inFeNi Welded Wear!

...and this fun necklace from Poison Candy!

Monster Maniac spotted a Popeye skull! Here's the original cartoon it came from.

Pedro Valdegrama from Valladolid, Spain made this lovely piece in Photoshop!

Mica shared this story over at SuperTouch about grafitti artist Skullphone's billboard hijacking! (Thanks to Moose for letting me know about as well!)

Kitty was the first to point out this skullish fellow at I Can Has Cheezburger! (Thanks to Molly, Tina Carson, and Nik who let me know about it as well!)

There's yet another fantastic skull-themed trailer at Trailers From Hell!


David spotted another skull hiding in my head!...

And Christina spotted skull looming above my Rock 'N' Skull!...

Thanks again everyone!


Don't forget to check out our submissions policy before sending anything in!

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