Saturday, October 31, 2009

[BONUS] 2 For 1 Halloween Pumpkins

Since Halloween holds such a special place in the hearts of many Skull-A-Day readers I assumed a bonus post was in order. Besides, I couldn't go out on the Crappy Halloween offense to your great work, Mr. Gary Colins.

The first pumpkin comes from prior submitter, Greg Santicles. He made this for a company Halloween party. It's good to see that some companies still know which holidays to throw parties for.

And this second pairing is even more additional bonus with a built in 2 for 1 because Halloween rocks like that! Coming simply from 'W' at is this nice pumpkin pair telling us "Attached is a picture of 2 life-sized skulls I made for Halloween, one is a programmable mechanical LEGO skull and the other is a Jack O'Lantern simply made from 2 misshapen, discarded pumpkins. The top pumpkin was shaped like an apple, the bottom pumpkin's top was severely sunken. It reminds me of the Ghost Rider's flaming SKULL (from Marvel Comics). It TALKS too... not the pumpkin, the other one!"

Check out this special Halloween message straight from the creator.

Clearly skulls are the reason for the season! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!

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Unknown said...

thanks for the post!

skulls + halloween = a happy halloween indeed!