Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miniature Wooden Skulls

Today I offer you two different miniature wooden skulls.

Kyle Peters said: “I made this when I was bored one day out a piece of a 2" x4".”

Benjamin Osborne wrote:Here is a pic of the skull I carved. I'm working on some other things themed with skulls and skeletons. It's 1" wide x 1/2" tall x 1" deep”

Geppetto C says:

One of the fun things about being an editor is having one of those weeks where something wonderful happens. It was one of those weeks when these two pieces arrived. Who would have guess not one but two miniature wooden skulls would arrive that week. Thank you both for submitting your work. I think it is wonderful to see how you both took this medium and produced two completely different results. I know you two don't know each other, but today’s post reminds me of something Tatman and I tried about 6 weeks ago when we choose to work in the same medium. You can see our results here and here.

“Countdown To Halloween”
17 more days and counting...

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Tatman said...

I really dig these. They're like little voodoo heads.