Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Found Object Skull Necklace

Artist Kay Adams from Richmond, VA submitted this: “ I made this necklace from vintage jewelry, chains, skeleton keys, etc. I make every kind of jewelry known to man, as long as it stretches my mind and skills. I specifically did this one as a result of being completely inspired by Noah's skull art and that of so many creative others on the blog. Oh -- and one last interesting note -- the principal of an elementary school bought this necklace. Isn't that just the greatest!”

An alternative view of necklace being worn by model.
Crown Jewels C says:

Too bad for us that this was already sold, It would be a nice start to a collection of Skull-A-Day Honours. This piece is amazing in the way you were alble to get all your “found” bits and pieces to function as one. Thanks for submitting your work to us, and I also think it is great that this skull may be on the front line of the next generation of artists.

“Countdown To Halloween”
24 more days and counting...


PrixMadonna said...

Love, love, love it. What a perfect necklace for a stylish witch. I am also swooning over Kay's chandeliers.

Phil said...

Hey my little stylish witch, your chandeliers make me swoon. Hubba, Hubba. Oh the necklace? That also is cool.

Tatman said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece. It's so great on so many levels. It's a skull, it's wearable jewelry, and it's recycled. Excellent work, Kay!