Friday, October 23, 2009

Painted Pumpkin Skulls

Denise A. Wells, who painted these Halloween pumpkin skulls, said: “These were donated to the Middle School here in Yankton, SD. I make one for them every year.”

Great Pumpkin C says:

Not only is this great art, but it is also for a good cause. Thanks for lending a hand to help out your community, and of course exposing young minds to another facet of artful creativity. As you see by the "Countdown to Halloween" below time is getting short. Since this is the last full weekend before the holiday, now would be the perfect time to get those pumpkins prepped for next week. Remember if you are inspired to do a skull themed pumpkin this year make sure you take a picture and send it in to us at our submission address.

“Countdown To Halloween”
8 more days and counting...