Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.21

Pull up a seat and enjoy this week’s simulacra.

Adrienne Yancey sent us this picture

Melanie Martini said: “I love the book so much. I thought you might get a kick out of it so here goes. Just some skull-backed chairs in a store in Westchester, NY.”

Michael Yearout of Michael Yearout Photography wrote: “At the suggestion of some of my fellow photographers I am submitting the attached image. It’s a shot of the lobby of a high-end condo/hotel project in Breckenridge, Colorado.”
Musical C says:

And stop! Thanks for that, I really need a moment to stop and view the simulacra. Once again another wonderful week of submissions. Thank you all for submitting them, I always enjoy seeing what people find. Now back to the game... cue music... go!

Keep sending those pictures in to our submissions address. Just keep in mind that since we only post simulacra once a week it might take a little longer than normal for it to be posted.

“Countdown To Halloween”
6 more days and counting...

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