Friday, October 30, 2009

Costumed Calavera

The artist known as Church from Los Angeles, CA made these traditional Calavera in Halloween costumes. She said: “Thanks for the Groovy Website! I have been a reader for a about a year now. I finally got up the guts to start selling my Calavera Creations on Etsy. I specialize in traditional Calavera but also some geeky ones...”

Memoria C says:

I can't believe how quickly October has skipped by. I am not sure of your local customs, but where I am from the night before Halloween is referred to as “Mischief Night”. I hope your little band of calaveras are not heading out to play tricks in the neighborhood. Thank you for submitting your work, and we look forward to following your progress in the future.

“Countdown To Halloween”
1 more day to go...

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PrixMadonna said...

These are sweet. I love seeing different artists' interpretations of popular culture elements.