Friday, October 2, 2009

Gambler’s Skull

Pablo from Nottingham & Leicester, England, UK said he created the image in Photoshop from images found on the web and a bit of Photoshop creativity.
High Roller C says:

When making a collage there I got some advice “You got to know when to crop em, know when to paste em.” This is a pretty amazing work. At first I had trouble seeing the image, but found that if I squinted at it I could see the image clearly. Thank you for submitting this work, and show us that luck could be a skull tonight.

“Countdown To Halloween”
29 more days and counting...


Tatman said...

It's a good 'bet' that lots of people will like this one! I know I do.

Kim said...

Great work, I agree the skull is quite subtle. I'd love to own a deck of cards like that, it would make me extra happy to see an ace in my hand.