Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Servings of Skull Cakes

Today we serve up some submitted Skull Cakes.

Karen Bradley from Broomfield, CO sent us this: “My husband just celebrated his 40th birthday. Between his love of skulls and complaining for weeks about being "old" now, I thought making a nice grim birthday cake for a surprise party I threw him last weekend would be perfect. What I used: Wilton cake mold shaped like a giant cupcake (makes a GREAT skull shape so no having to try and sculpt, layer, etc.) P.S. I gave my husband a copy of [Noah's] book for his birthday. He LOVES it.”

Autumn Petersen wrote: “I am a HUGE fan of Skull-A-Day, skulls, and anything skull related. My friend Mandy Montoya surprised me with this cake she made for my bridal shower.”

Holly from London said: “I've been looking into using skulls in my illustrations at uni and stumbled across this awesome blog which is giving me both inspiration and amusement. My friend had a Gothic birthday last weekend and I made a couple of cupcakes for the occasion.”

Iced C says:

Our best to you in whatever the celebration may be. From modified mold, to feestyle, to cupcake; I enjoy seeing the variety of styles that are used in making these pieces. Thank you all for submitting such tasty examples of skulls. You now have inspired me to perhaps give this style a try before the year is up.

“Countdown To Halloween”
10 more days and counting...

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