Friday, October 30, 2009

[Flashback Friday] 224. Butternut Skull

Flashback Friday is a weekly countdown of the fan selected top 52 skulls of Skull-A-Day 1.0. Each week I'll be posting an original skull along with some additional commentary in order from lowest to highest rated, with the #1 skull appearing in the last week of year 3 of the project...

#31: 224. Butternut Skull

One of my favorite things during the project was letting materials dictate the shape of the skull. In this case, the cartoon-y dropped jaw just made sense for the elongated shape of the squash. A friend said he thought he was having a screen problem when he scrolled the page to see this image and the jaw kept going and going as if the pixels were repeating!

Speaking of sure to send in some pictures of your own skull-y pumpkins (and other homemade decorations) that you've made for Halloween and we'll show them here!

Oh and if you're wondering here's what happens when you let a butternut squash dry out for several months.

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