Friday, October 16, 2009

Bookplate Skull

Mark B Hill, a past contributor from Middleton, WI sent us this: “I can't help myself, I did another linocut skull! This is a bookplate, which is a label you stick inside your books to say "this is my book." In fact, that's more or less what Ex Libris means. I Photoshopped the color in, although most bookplates would be black and white.”
Possessive C says:

It's mine! The art of the bookplate is not something that you come across very often anymore. It brings me great joy to be looking through old books and come across one. It gives that book a tangible place in history, and connects you with a person of the past. Thanks for submitting another Skull-A-Day inspired design, and hopefully you will receive many requests for them. It would be a perfect addition to a copy of the Skullmaster's book.

“Countdown To Halloween”
15 more days and counting...

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Germasidle said...

Love this!! I had some pretty cool Bookplates with Posada prints on 'em. I used them and now have none :( The Sesame Street bookplates I had when I was a kid just re-surfaced in my consciousness as I found an old book with my little stamp!