Monday, June 21, 2010

[BONUS] Fellow 365er: Weekly Reliquary

My friend Tere, an amazing jeweler, recently started her own weekly yearlong project inspired by Skull-A-Day! She's making a reliquary a week and the work is already gorgeous! There are no skulls yet, but knowing her I think there may be a few before the year is out!

Her first piece is simple and beautiful holder for a cat whisker!...

Be sure to follow her progress over the year HERE.

If you were inspired by Skull-A-Day to create a 365 project be sure to tell us about it so we can feature it on the site!


Tere said...

Thanks for the shout out!
Skull-a-Day fans: as an added bonus, look for a reliquary using the fangs from one of Noah's cats! xo

Unknown said...

Hello I thought I would let you know I used one of your little skull templates here you can pop by and have a look if you like. I also put a link to here so others can see yr blog or use the same template if they wish. Thank you it was fun to use

Love Dawn xx

Noah said...

Great work on the papercraft skull Dawn! Glad you had fun with it!