Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Skull Cap

Let's warm up our skulls today with some help from Anna Grace in Knoxville, TN. Anna tells us more, "This is my first ever skull creation! It is a crocheted baby hat that I made for a friend of mine that is having twins. She is having a boy and a girl and I had already made a hat with flowers on it for the girl so I decided to have a little fun and reminisce about my friend's high school punk rock phase and create a little skull for baby boy."

I know we've had crocheted skull caps on here before, but I can't recall if any of them have had the crossbones as well. Great work for your first ever skull, Anna. I'm sure your friend will really appreciate you thinking of her and the new babies. We appreciate you sharing your skull cap with us.


n said...

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Anna Grace said...

I'm so happy this was posted yesterday because my friend had her twins yesterday! Great timing!