Monday, December 13, 2010

Muertos Skulls

Nicholas Ivins had this to say about his two submissions, "I've enjoyed your blog for some time now and wanted to submit a Day of the Dead themed piece I did earlier this year. The medium is ink, marker, and Photoshop. Size is 20.75 x 26.5"."

"Also, here is a photo of me and my mate at the Day of the Dead festival in Hollywood this past weekend. An amazing event! I'm on the right. We usually smile a lot more. Or at least we did when we were alive."

For the 1st piece, I like the use of repeated and brightly colored Dia de los Muertos milagros. I also like the adornment of the calavera. The placement of the items around the calavera remind me of Egyptian Pharaoh burials. They would be surrounded with thing from their life that they would need in the after, pottery, food, etc.

For the costumes, of course, I'm a huge fan of dressing undead. The colors match with each person, but they are used differently and equally beautifully done. I like the choice of elegant outfits. They really tie in well with the face painting. You can find more of Nicholas' work at his DeviantArt Page

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