Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dia de la Abby #29: Skull Vase with Poinsettias, Holly and Berries

With fresh snow on the ground and Christmas quickly approaching, I thought I would make something a bit festive.

I'm busy making presents, so I wanted to do use a medium that I was really familiar with. I used a regular #2 pencil and a handy skull model to draw the skull. The Poinsettias, Holly and Berries were drawn with colored pencils. I've been drawing for a large portion of my life...over 25 years, so I've had a lot of practice. However, I'm not expert. I used basic shading and shapes to create the plants. Those don't take as much practice as drawing a semi-realistic skull does. I decided not to write a tutorial on this one, because even though I've been drawing and coloring for many years, I always have to play with the colors and shapes till I get something that I like. I recommend you play with any new or old medium until you like the results. This is also a good way to stay busy should you be snowed I might be when I check later.

Every week in the 4.0 year, I will be post my own Dia de la Abby posts as well as a tutorial with instructions on how I made my piece. Hopefully you feel inspired by my posts just as I was by Noah's Skull-A-Day 1.0 daily project. Need more of me than just a weekly dose, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook.


Divaeva said...

How wonderfully festive!

Anonymous said...

this makes xmas seem more fun