Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Skullidays!

No matter where you are, how you celebrate, or even if you don't, let Skull-A-Day and Funboy Artworks wish you a...


A Skulliday message from Tatman:
I'm a big fan of the Skullidays this time of year. It's wonderful how so many people can find the right attitude to help out their fellow humans. Families everywhere prepare to spend time with one another even when they live very far apart. A wonderful sense of good spirit fills most everyone who wishes to accept it. Well, everyone, what's wrong with having that same feeling everyday? It doesn't need to stop just because the Skullidays are over. If we all make a concious choice to be the a part of the answer instead of the problem then maybe we can all enjoy these wonderful feelings year round. Try it. I'm willing to bet that you'll feel better...everyday! (Especially June 4th)

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