Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skull Cakes

A little after dinner treat for you today another collection of skull cakes.

Our first one comes from Jody in Canada she wrote: “Anna Dhody recommended that I submit this to you, this cake featured a novio/novia set that I made out of sugar paste.”

Next up is a Dia de los muertos cake from Justine Von X in Hicksville , NY.

Our last set is from Patrick Lochelt who said: “Here's a duo of skull cakes made for a Hitchcock-themed party we held. In obvious fashion, one is chocolate, and one is vanilla, each with pseudo-Dia de los muertos decoration.”

Second in the tub C says:

I really enjoy seeing cakes made into skulls. Over the years there have been many of them on the site, but I never get tired of seeing the diversity of what the medium can produce. I also love the idea of edible art, but make sure you Don't Eat the Pictures. Thank you all for submitting your work.

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Abby Davis said...

But the pictures look so yummy.