Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Skull

Ashley Taylor from Richmond, VA sent us this: “Here is my snow skull that I made recently with the 4 inches or so of snow that we got. My fiance helped me make a big pile of snow and I carved it out with my hands and finished it with a spoon from the kitchen.”

Dreary C says:

Another week another snowstorm here in the Northeast. Today’s skull is expressing how I am feeling about winter this year. I wish it would become a memory already like your work probably is. Thank you for submitting this wonderful sculpture done with an uncommon element in your part of the world.

Since it is a Flashback Friday around here let me share these pieces from the Skullmaster 373. - 374. - 376. , Tatman, and myself who were also inspired by past snowstorms. Every so often I see a news story about a 18 foot snowman somewhere in New York, wouldn't it be awesome if the next time it was an 18 foot skullman? If it happens make sure you send us pictures and the link to the newscast.


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Great to see that even though some folks are buried in snow, they still can get out and have some fun and find humor it all that snow. Good job!!!

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