Friday, October 30, 2009

[BONUS] Night At The Skull Museum

This past weekend the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts hosted "Night At The Art Museum", a Halloween themed event for kids featuring spooky crafts, stories, games, and more. Even though I was away and couldn't participate in person I was glad that Skull-A-Day could still be a part of the night. A slideshow of my skulls were shown to the kids and then they were given an assortment of craft materials to make their own skulls. As usual the results were terrific...

Corinne - Age 5

Max - Age 5 1/2

Gabriel - Age 5

Colin - Age 6

Donovan - Age 3

William - Age 3

River - Age 6

Wyatt - Age 4 1/2

Carrington - Age 5

Jackson - Age 6 1/2

Nikos - Age 5

Kyah - Age 10

Ian - Age 4 1/2

Alexis - Age 6

Liam - Age 6

Caleb - Age 6

Eva - Age 8 3/4

Lulu - Age 5

Nick - Age 8

Jen - Age 38

Carla - Age 7

Annie - Age 7

Annie - Age 7

Felix - Age 8

Jeremiah - Age 7

Greta - Age 5

Carla - Age 7 & Mariel

Amena - Age 12

Shoa - Age 9


Thanks to all the kids (little and big) for participating and Megan for suggesting that Skull-A-Day be a part of the event! And hey, if your own little ones make some skulls this Halloween (or anytime really) do send them in!


Tatman said...

Those are all great. I'll bet it was a fun time for everyone.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Those are great! What a wonderful idea!!


PrixMadonna said...

These are wonderful. Great to see everyone getting involved and making stuff!

Alex said...
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Alex said...

my kids, Felix and Greta, loved this event, Noah. We are huge fans.

please tell Mim, they are Sherryl Shonyo's grandchildren #1 & 2.

mim said...

Oh how fun to think that the grandkids of a former colleague were present. Too bad I wasn't there to meet them.