Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome to Skull-A-Day 4.0

Believe it or not this is the first day of the fourth year of a project that was really only meant to last one year!

Its longevity is a testament to you the readers and your own enthusiasm and creative energy. Of course none of this would be happening now if it weren't for our two incredible editors from year 3.0: Tatman & Citizen Agent. They not only sorted and posted your submissions, but took on their own creative tasks as well! If you haven't already, why not take a moment to pat these two on the back for all of their hard (unpaid) work.

As previously mentioned, year 4.0 will continue in the vein of 3.0, but with the addition of a new editor Abby who will be joining the boys in their efforts to keep your creative fires stoked and adding her own personal flair to the site as well. Citizen Agent even made this excellent graphic to officially introduce the new and improved Skull-Team ("If you've got a problem...if no one else can help..."):

There will be some other small changes on the way in the coming year, but the basic idea stays the same, to positively encourage creativity in all its forms, by people young and old, from around the world using the form of a skull as inspiration! If you've been enjoying the site, but you haven't contributed yet, why not give it a try this year? You may be surprised by what happens when you do.

Thanks again for reading and supporting Skull-A-Day!

creator of Skull-A-Day


Unknown said...

happy new year!

Doodle Daily said...

Congrats on welcoming in Year 4 and all the best in Skull design for the new year. I am now 27 days away from completing "TheDoodleDaily 1.0" thanks especially to your support and encouragement. Now I need to doodle (or skoodle) you some new skulls.

Keep up the great work.

Noah said...

Congrats on nearly being completed with your year Warren, that's fantastic!