Sunday, March 6, 2011

[BONUS] The Gift of Skulls: Pirate Booty

I got two wonderful packages of skull gifts from friends new and old this week!

First up, this awesome hand printed T-shirt sent by my good friend Jen Primosch. It's her personal pirate flag, featuring a schooner based on the Pioneer and two butterfly knives, which are her signature weapon in Kung Fu! Hopefully she'll make more of these for sale, in the meantime you can check out her other work on her site HERE...

And then I got a fun package from fellow 365er Crazy Rebecca. She knit this lovely hat as part of her own daily stash use up challenge! Also included was an appropriately skully "anti-Valentine" mini crazy quilt, a photo of a crazy quilt in progress, a found skull image, and (not shown) a CD of her music, which is really very lovely! Find out more about Rebecca and see what she's up to on her site HERE...

Thanks again for the wonderful gifts!

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