Friday, March 18, 2011

Calavera Plush & Maracas

I am just in a plush mood this week and since it is Friday lets flashback to a past contributor who has some more work for us to share.

Artist Pierre Sauvage, from Reims, France said: “I've already had the honor to appear on the site with my calavera skull plush and I would like to submit some other works I made.”

“This is my first calavera plush I made, cute and big enough to hold it in your arms.”

“My plush calavera maracas, they actually make sound thanks to bottle caps that are inside.”

Nursery C says:

Thank you for sharing this additional work with us. I really like how you staged the photo of the plush skeleton it reminds me of this song. Speaking of music your maracas are amazing, I am glad that you were able come up with a solution so that they would actually make sound.

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