Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mail Art Skulls

London, England based Andy at my REAL wall told us: “Since discovering Skull-A-Day, I've been meaning to make a skull wall and today I finally got round to it! A REAL skull wall of mailart and postcards.

Nicole Gattinger a member of MAILART 365 said: “I posted a peice of Skull Mail Art today and members suggested I should submit it to your site. This piece is called ‘Soul Soaring’ it was inspired by a Death Head gravestone etching, I used the comic section of our local newspaper as the medium for this postcard.”

Postmarked C says:

People say the art of letter writing is dead, but I am glad the art of letter sending is not. Mailart is such a wonderful medium in which to work, one can produce a meaningful piece of work and allow it to be subject to the whims of the natural order of mail processing knowing very well that it may end up in a dead letter office someplace. However, that would be appropriate resting place for a piece of skull mailart. Thank you both for submitting your work to us and allowing us to be a participant with you in your creative endeavors either as a mail sender or a receiver.

PS. I am glad that the grapevine over at mailart365 is working here is another grape who we would like to say hello to , a fan from the early days, literally.


Anonymous said...

Andy is a good friend of mine & I was the recipient of "Soul Soaring"

I have to say - i love mailart 365 & skulladay!!!

Andytgeezer said...

Great to see my REAL skull and to see you here Camel, a real skull connoisseur if I ever knew one

mim said...

The skully wall installation looks great, the skull from MA365 member is perfect for sharing here, and I couldn't be more grapeful for the shout-out. Thanks

Abby Davis said...

Oh yay, I'm glad you all found the images. These are really great!

Anonymous said...

The skull wall is great Andy. I've just been tacking the mail art we receive onto a cork board -except the submissions to Dearly Departed they're in safe storage.

Thanks for posting my piece.