Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.40

I have to begin this week's round of simulacra by bragging about my own wife, Mrs. Tatman. She discovered this delectable fellow in the dough for her delicious homemade pierogies.

Michelle Bernard sent this pleasant note, "Love your site, the 365 concept and your work! I’ve attached a photo taken on my cellphone (sorry it’s not better quality) of a “bird poop skull”! I could not believe this was actually on the windshield of my friend’s car when I got inside. It was just so perfect."

And Henrique from Brazil was having a great time with some friends on New Year's Eve when they spotted this neighbor's balcony with Christmas lights on it.

Thanks again to everyone for another round of great submissions. It just goes to show that no matter if you're cooking, going for a car ride, or partying with friends, these hidden skulls WILL find you. Be sure to snap a pic and submit it to us.

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