Friday, March 25, 2011

Sand & Snow Skulls

Today’s skulls are running hot and cold.

The hot was done by body artist, Keegan Hitchcock, in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

The cold was done by David Brawley in Pikesville, Maryland who made this skull one morning while he was shoveling out his car.

Southtown C says:

cue music here... ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Yes, I couldn’t resist it.

Just when I thought winter around these parts was going to go away, it looks like it’s not going to let spring win without one last fight this week. I dedicate today’s skulls in honor of this epic battle for the season and my sanity. Maybe making this burnt offering to the mystical forces around me nature will finally make up its mind.

Sorry, I digress. This isn’t about me, this is about the wonderful art from our wonder readers who take the time to submit their creations as they interact with our world. Thank you both for the taking the time to submit your work and I am sending you both well wishes on any future skulltastic adventures.

PS. It wouldn't be Friday without a little shout-out to some of the Skullmaster’s own sand & snow past.

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