Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mason's Super Skull Saturday

Today, fellow skull lovers, I have the distinct honor of introducing you to one of the youngest members of our tribe. I'll let Katie Gaines tell you more...

"I just wanted to send an email to let you know how much your Skull A Day project has inspired me. As of 1/1/11, I have started my own 365: Make Something Every Day project which I hope to submit/share on the “makesomething365” blog one day. But first, I wanted to share how much my six year old son, Mason, LOVES Skull A Day!"

"He’s always been obsessed with skulls and skeletons…I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawn to images, clothing, objects, toys with skulls or skeletons. It seems like even as a toddler, before he could really talk…he would point and smile when he saw skulls. At first, it kinda creeped me out, but it’s all started to grow on me and I think they’re pretty cool too."

"Once Mason started picking up crayons and pencils to draw, I noticed that he always drew skulls or skeletons. He loves to draw, and does so almost every day. I’d have to say he’s like your “Mini-Me” because he seems to draw, make or wear something skull-related on a daily basis….even before we found Skull A Day!"

"We happened upon the Skull A Day blog/website right around the time I was planning his 6th birthday party in August. He wanted an Indiana Jones theme, with an emphasis on skulls as a motif."

"We were SO excited to find your project and we’ve been big fans ever since. Mason asks me every day what today’s skull is. He’s not only obsessed with skulls, he’s now obsessed with following your blog!"

Mother and son alike are inspired by Skull-A-Day. Just as Katie mention, she has started her own 365 blog over at 'Love Paper Paint'. It's great to see art, especially skull art, bring a family closer together. Rumor has it that Mason has tons more of great skull art so hopefully we'll get to see more in the future. Thanks for the excellent story, Katie, and thanks to you, Mason, for the great skull sketches. Keep up the skullrrific work!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

little dude's artwork = AWESOME!

Lindsay said...

Cool idea! A friend of mine is also doing a one-a-day blog; she's making a new piece of jewelry every day. Maybe you could get her to make a skull for you?

Noah said...

Lindsay please tell your friend about my new 365 project blog as well:

EITAKdesign said...

Thanks so much for sharing Mason's skulls...he was SO completely excited this morning to find out the Skull-A-Day was HIS! The rumor is true - he has a TON more skulls that I've been working on finding/photographing (I've saved almost all of them and there are quite a few boxes left to go through). These sketches are ones I found on random scraps of paper and photographed with my iphone that day when I emailed.

Thanks again for making my little boy's day (and mine too) we're off to sketch some more!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I love his art!! I need a t-shirt with one of his drawings on it. :D