Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alexander's Three Skulls

Alexander,  from the Ukraine, sent us these 3 pieces. "I like to paint in various techniques and most of the works are a skull."

"This work was done in PhotoShop."

4 Season
"Drawn with colored pencils on A4."

RGB Skull
"This is my vector work done in Corel draw."

I like seeing the varations in skull designs and mediums. That is how we do Skull-A-Day...different skulls, different mediums. I like how viscous the blood looks in the 1st one. The idea of seeing the four seasons in art, is something that I've wanted to play with. I like seeing this skull on a cherry tree and how the cycling of the seasons affects it. From Fall where it's shade of leaves falls, to Winter where snow chills it, to Spring where it's brightened with blooms, to Summer where the tree provides cherries, which will attract bird visitors. Makes me miss my grandparents' cherry tree from my youth. The last piece has a pop art quality with it's change in colors and a tattoo quality with the classic flaming skull. I love seeing this variation in work from one artists and all of our submitters.

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