Monday, March 14, 2011

Hands, Hat, & Skully Teeth

Patricia Whitworth Daniels sent in this image she created. "Your site inspired me to create a blog all about hands in which I attempt to "average" a hand a day."

"Hands, Hat, & Skully Teeth"

I like seeing things that are made with hands and shadows. Patricia's project with her love of hands, does feature a few other skull creations too, so it's worth checking out. Also, she has quite the collection of hands, which is very creepy. Shadow play is one of the easiest games to do. As my daughter gets older, the cat seems to be the only one interested in my silly shadow play. Though, if I could figure out how to make a skull out of a shadow, I'm sure she would play along.


Noah said...

Don't forget to also share your daily projects with my new blog

Tricia said...

I just checked out the new blog... Rabbits, snails, spiders, shoes, even robots everyday... very very cool! Thanks!