Tuesday, October 26, 2010

365: A Daily Creativity Journal

I'm very excited to announce that my new book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal is being published on December 15th!

The book is a functional journal designed to encourage and inspire others to get the benefits of daily practice by starting their own yearlong project. It offers 365 project prompts to kick start your creativity, plus plenty of room for journaling, sketching, and jotting down ideas. I also give advice about how to choose your subject and document your work. There are even 11 interviews from other successful daily project makers (including the musician Jonathan Coulton!). Plus there are DIY instructions for some basic techniques like quilling, clay-making, paper pop-up engineering, and more!

You can pre-order the book now from your local independent bookstore, or through all major online retailers including: Powell's Books, Amazon.com, QBookshop, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

In addition I've started a companion blog (MakeSomething365.com) where I'll be posting about inspiring 365 projects that I've found and are made by readers of the book. I hope you'll consider adding it to your list of blogs to follow.

And hey, if you've already made a 365 project or are in the process of making one be sure to tell me about it so I can share it on the site and grab one of the badges I've made (see below) to show people what you're up to!

Expect to hear more about this book as the release date draws near and book related events are scheduled!


Chris Z. said...

Awesome! Grabbed the badge text. Looking forward to the release of the book, I'll keep an eye out if any book events bring you to Powells.

AfterGirl said...

So, I ordered the book and am seriously thinking about doing one 365 of my own. Tried to grab the badge, but my skills are seriously lacking. Will work on grabing it over the weekend.

kerosene said...

Great idea(s) Noah. Thanks for continually sharing your inspiration & discipline. You are such a generous artist.

I'll be watching your new blog.

Tim said...

I've been thinking doing my own 365 project since I started reading your site. I'll have to get a copy of the book. Thanks for the inspiration!

Noah said...

Foobella: Yes, shhh!

bella said...

excellent. =)

Unknown said...

I started my own project this year, making a piece of jewellery a day. It started off being called 'A Ring A Day' but soon evolved into 'A Thing A Day'
Did you ever have days when you didn't manage to make a skull? Can you hear the confession coming...?

Noah said...

Hey CheekyLemur, that's awesome that you started a project! Having it evolve as you go is definitely part of the experience. As for me I never missed a day, but that was part of the experience I wanted to have and I definitely had some days where the results were less than satisfactory to me. That said, there really are no rules and missing a day here or there is totally fine. Just keep going at the pace you're able to keep. Some people make up for it later others just do 365 things in however many days it takes. The important thing is that you're having a fun experience. Definitely share your project with me when you're ready HERE