Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.22

Happy Halloween, skull hunters. Today's simulacrum have an extra bit of creepiness to enhance today's mood.

Shelik awoke to the horror of a bloody blanket one morning. "This skull was inadvertently drawn in my own blood. Long story short: Alcohol, cut my chin open, bled like mad, cleaned it up as best as I could, and then went to bed. I awoke to a bloody blanket and a skull smiling smugly back at me."

Angela Ramirez has discovered what must be a haunted outhouse. "The simulacra is my friend BMac's outhouse in McCarthy Alaska. You would not believe how many times I walked passed this simulacra before I 'saw' it."

And I'm gonna take you way back to Braincase XVII where we first got wind of evil's aroma when Phil and Mady found this devilish cinnamon skull lurking in their coffee filter.

Thanks as always to the skull hunters out there. I hope today's festivities find you in the presence of many happy skulls. Perhaps you'll even catch a simulacra of your own that you can submit. That would be awesomely ghoulish!

“Countdown To Halloween”
IT'S FINALY HERE! Happy Halloween, everyone!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Happy Halloween to you too!!


RAStewart said...

Just discovered this blog. What could be better than a Skull a Day? Being a nitpicky language pedant, I'm just going to pick one nit: it's simulacrum (singular), simulacra (plural). One of those Latin second-declension neuter things.

So long, and thanks for all the skulls!