Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Death of a Record Skull

K from PishPosh told us: “I was trying to make a clock out of a 45. This was actually my first
attempt. As I tried to cut through the vinyl, it started breaking. In frustration, myself and my gal-pal, Jenny, proceeded to rip apart the whole thing. The pieces looked cool and we went with it... A skull! So we put it together and had it on this huge piece of wood. I would have liked to have painted the wood and set the skull on it permanently; however a party was had, and somebody moved all of the pieces. This was the only picture I got.”

Memento C said:

I know it is only a picture, but I am drawn to this. It reminds me that life is really just a breath, a moment if you will, in which things are etched into our memory. You may not have a relic of that moment in the form of a clock, but you now have a different sort of relic- one in which a moment in history is recorded for all time. Well at least until the pixels start to decay. Thank you for sharing this accidental piece of momentary art with us.

“Countdown To Halloween”
11 more days and counting...

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