Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Couple of Skeletons

Diana Almand says, "the painting is watercolor and ink and it's of my daughter Cym and her boyfriend Chris."

I'm not sure what drew me to this more, the fact that when I was a teenager, I made a watercolor and ink drawing of my then boyfriend and I or that I, as an adult have an outfit very similar to the girl in this art. I think had I drawn us in skeleton form, my mom wouldn't still have it hanging in her hallway as a weird reminder of a teenage romance...or something like that. As far as this piece goes, I like the use of the stylized skulls on some very stylish skeletons. I like the shading of the clothing, it gives the fabric life. Being someone that has made many fashion drawings as well as fashions, I can appreciate the details put into the outfits as well as the hair. Diana's daughter is very lucky to have such a talented mom.

“Countdown To Halloween”
10 more days and counting...

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Frankie's Girls said...

Thank YOU so much for including me in your blog! I now have a large head to rival my skellys! XO Diana