Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 4.18

I would like to take a moment and interrupt today’s scheduled programming to bring you this important message. Like you I enjoy this Sunday feature, but without the support of our fans it wouldn’t exist. Allow me to encourage you to send in your simulacra pictures, I know you all probably have a few images hanging around your computer that you have been meaning to send in and haven’t yet. What are you waiting for? We don't receive any government submission stimulus, for this feature- it is solely supported by the wonderful fans like you. If you have contributed in the past, the Skull-A-Day community thanks you for your support and it you haven’t- Well what better time than now for you to go ahead and send those pictures in to our submissions address the community will thank you. Now back to our regular program.

Today’s simulacra are found in the corners of our lives.

First up is Casper who told us: “Long time listener, first time caller. I never normally notice simulacra myself. However I recently happened to have the opening credits of The Sopranos on pause for a few minutes while I answered the phone. Eventually I notices that the doors to the Soprano’s residence make a telling memento mori.”

Next Cyd from Toronto, Ontario, Canada wrote: “I saw this half skull peering up from the floor!”

Last for the day comes from Autumn who said: “I was shocked when I saw him on my computer. I don't know how it got there.”

Little Jack C says:

Thank you all for the wonderful simulacra submission that you sent. This just proves that you never know what you will find lurking around the corner.

“Countdown To Halloween”
28 more days and counting...

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