Wednesday, October 6, 2010

De patata de los muertos!

Peace Schuyler from Denver, Colorado sent us this: “This lil' potato never made it to my mouth with butter and sour creamy goodness, but as you can see it begged to be arted! A little gesso, sequins, and apparently some cat hair gave it it's moment of glory. After the photo op, however, the threat of flies and that black potato goo that you find in the bottom of the bag when you forgot you still had potatoes at the back of the cupboard ended the “patata de los muertos’ ” carefree life as a performance artist. We will always have these mem'ries.”

Before being Arted

Solanaceae C says:

It seems that for some reason potatoes and the season go hand in hand, but it is deeper than just the harvest connection, maybe this might explain it. I am so glad that you took some “mem'ries” because this is wonderful. After checking out the artwork at your link I know understand your skill of taking an object and artin’ it up to make something special. Thank you for submitting this work for us to share.

“Countdown To Halloween”
25 more days and counting...

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