Monday, October 25, 2010

Sponsor Thank You: The Mütter Museum

As you may have noticed after over three years without outside funding Skull-A-Day is now accepting sponsors to the site and I am pleased as punch that my friends at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia's Mütter Museum were here for the inaugural month.

The museum houses an incredible collection of medical objects and anatomical specimens that are truly unparalleled. Anyone who is visiting (or living in) the Philadelphia area owes it to themselves to spend some time in this beautiful space.

I've had the honor of visiting the museum several times in the past year and am delighted that the folks there have become my friends.

I hope you will take some time to explore the Mütter's site and be sure to check out the awesome collection of stuff available for sale in their terrific store too.

And of course if you're interested in sponsoring Skull-A-Day in the future please check out the information HERE.

Shown above 379. Mütter's Skull of Brains.

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