Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super "Skurving" Saturday

Canton man, Tom Adams, is back again with more skulls to fill your weekend. Tom was the creator of the "Skelebike" and other hardcore skulls from a past Saturday post 'here'. He's back in the shop with a new medium and he's here to tell us more about it. "I've been working with wood around here lately. Im showing a softer side of my work and as a bonus the slivers are alot easier to get out of my hands. The first skull is called crybaby. Notice the natural tear shaped knot under his left eye. This is made from an Ash tree that fell on my workshop last year."

This fellow is aptly named "Woody".

"This one is called "Eddie the stick" and is made from an antique softball bat that was warped."

It's good to see you trying new things, and doing them well, Tom. I like tor workwith wood as well, but I've never tried carving it. Your works make me want to get back in the garage and whittle the time away. Thanks for sharing these, Tom.

“Countdown To Halloween”
15 more days and counting...

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