Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Skull from a Cause

Joeskull Wallace sent us this skull with a message. He said: “I arranged some of the scraps to
enhance the skull factor of my remnants. This is a skull I created after a project using milk and juice cartons to create change purses. I saw one in a store and thought, ‘what a great way to recycle milk cartons’. I found a template to make them and plan to sell them to help raise money for a skatepark in my town.”

Half Pipe C says:

What a great idea. I love that not only are you up-cycling the cartons into something usable, but that they are going to be used for a good cause. Thank you for sharing this arranged work with us, and best of luck to you in your fund raising endeavors.

“Countdown To Halloween”
4 more days and counting...

1 comment:

44chicken said...

Great way to recycle! Rock On!
Here's my skull for today...