Monday, October 18, 2010

Land of the Blind Skull

This skull was created by Paul Odders.

I like the use of Unfinished Pyramid and Eye of Providence, which are two symbols found on the back of a USA one dollar bill. Though the unfinished pyramid in this piece doesn't use the same 13 rows stones like the one on the bill does, the meaning is still similar. Though I couldn't find any information on who blindfolded women holding hands, I will go with my original conclusion that they are to symbolize justice. The crown is interesting. It's made of bricks, like a building. In the US, we don't commonly have castles, because we are not an old enough country. The use of arrowslits, make me think of a castle. The only thing I can think of that would go with the other symbols is maybe a courthouse. Overall, the use of the symbols together combined with the medium used, is a creative way to form a skull.

“Countdown To Halloween”
13 more days and counting...

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